Elea Easton in Abigail’s Party

“As usual with Black Ram, the whole ensemble was good, but Elea Easton* as Angela really shone”. Eve Stebbing, Eastern Daily Press.

“Elea Easton* was hilarious as the dim-witted but well meaning Angela, grinning idiotically and slowly disappearing into her chair as the drink took hold. The interchanges between the pair [Beverly and Angela] were horribly realistic, blurting inanities and self-involved nonsense.” Dan Haynes, Beccles & Bungay Journal.

“Angie, perched on the real leather sofa, gushes over almost everything and seems oblivious to her husband Tony’s contempt as she gets progressively drunker. Elea Easton* and Benjamin Blyth were outstanding as this ghastly couple.” Mary Dunk, Suffolk Free Press.

*As Elizabeth Davidson.