Many moons ago, I went to Brunel University and studied Drama, Film and TV. Wanting to pursue a career in acting, I went straight onto train at London Centre for Theatre Studies.

My mind full of wonder, I had a skill but no knowledge of where to go with it. With no clear direction, and no money to support myself, I got a job at the BBC and my acting life took a back seat. I forgot about acting for quite some time, and instead partied hard with the best of them.

In 2006, when debauchery was no longer enough for me, I took a sabatical and went travelling round the world. One of the best decisions of my life.

Afterwards, I returned to work but soon became disillusioned. I needed a new direction. I needed to return to my real passion, acting.

So, I got a job as an actress with a touring theatre company in Spain. It was perfect, I got to see more of the world plus I was finally doing something I loved. Amazing!

Since then, I’ve kept myself in the game plus I picked up more training over the years at The Cinema Room (Madrid), Actor’s Temple (London) and T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre (New York).

I spent a lot of 2012/2013 working on my own writing. I wrote a number of comedy sketches which I performed at various events.

Other theatrical credits include: Bad Habits (Ruth Benson), Playhouse Creatures (Mrs Marshall), Abigail’s Party (Angela), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Nurse Flinn), and Blue Heart (Miss Clarence, Young Australian Woman).

Film credits include Tea and Sangria (Clare) and Colin (zombie girl).

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