I’m a 30 something actress also doubling as a writer, event co-ordinator, project manager… But cast me in your project and I’ll be whatever else you want me to be! (Oow err missus!! ;o) )

The way I see it is, you gotta live life to the full. Get involved with anything and everything that inspires you… see the world, meet new people, make new friends. Really live it. Life doesn’t revolve around one thing, one dream. There are so many dreams out there and so many experiences yet to be had.

Creativity is sooo important to me. Sometimes I forget that. When I go for long periods of time without being creative I begin to lose my mind. As soon as I feel like I’m losing my marbles, I have to take over the reins and reel the creativity back in.

My life ends up being a little chaotic at times, but I probably wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy organised chaos! I’m a perfectionist, a ridiculous pedantic and I like to live life by certain rules such as these…

PEOPLE –  One must be surrounded by good people, otherwise what’s it all about?

PROJECTS – Only take on projects that interest, inspire and challenge. If it doesn’t, you will get bored and won’t give your best.

POSITIVITY  – Try to think positively about every situation.

POWER – It’s important to feel in control of your life. It empowers you to do so many more things.

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  1. I agree entirely, the 4 Ps, I like it.

    We find our own way and develop rules that work well and involve others within a similar context into our lives, thats how it works.

    If we don’t use our own power and enjoy what we do, thats when things ‘may’ seem to go wrong but what if its just a sign to tell you that you’re on the wrong path.

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